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Electrical formulas as circle diagram (pie chart)
V comes from "voltage" and E from "electromotive force emf". E means also energy, so let's choose V.
Energy = voltage × charge. E = V × Q. Some like better to stick to E instead to V, so do it.
Voltage V = I × R = P / I = √(P × R) in volts V          Current I = V / R = P / V = √(P / R) in amperes A
Resistance R = V / I = P / I2 = V2/ P in ohms Ω      Power P = V × I = R × I2= V2/ R in watts W
Electric voltage V = I × R      (Ohm's law formula)
Electric voltage = amperage × resistance
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 Electric voltage V  volts
Amperage I  amps 
Resistance R  ohms
V = I × R              I = V ⁄ R              R = V ⁄ I
Electric power P = I × V      (Watt's power law formula)
Electric power = amperage × voltage
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  Electric Power P  watts
Amperage I  amps 
Voltage V  volts
P = I × V              I = P ⁄ V              V = P ⁄ I

If the unit of power P = I × V and of voltage V = I · R is needed
look for "The Big Power Formulas":
Calculations: Power (watt), voltage, current, and resistance